Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

     Today being Father's Day, I decided to reflect on those special fathers in my life.  The first one was my Dad.  I couldn't have asked for a more godly man for a dad.  He was a Baptist minister so you know where I was from the day I was born:  in church.  Though he was a wonderful pastor to the people of his churches, he still had time for us kids.  He would play ball with us in the backyard, play board games with us, listen to us perform our songs on the piano, and was always there to listen to us and encourage us.  Some of my favorite times were listening to him and other pastors or missionaries talking in our living room.  Whenever I had questions about the Bible or other spiritual matters, I could go to him and he would share his wisdom with me so I had a better understanding.  I was so blessed to have such a loving father.

My Dad, my escort, when I became a Queen Regent in Service

     Another godly father in my life was my husband and father to my three kids.  Andrea had him wrapped around her little finger from the day she was born.  He loved his little girl and would spend time playing with her when he came in from farming.

Tea party

When David came along, that just meant double the fun.  Andrea and David loved it when Gary would play horse with them and he would ride them around the house on his back. . . .until he hurt his back and had to visit the chiropractor.

Steven came along and added more fun to the mix.  When Gary would come in from working in the fields, he would make time to play with all three of the kids.

One of the things Gary felt was important in the lives of our children was making memories.  He did this by not only spending time with them but also teaching them by example to be honest, loyal, caring, and giving.  

     Now David has become a father.  He is following the example set by his dad and is being a good father to his son, Parker.

     Though these three men are great examples of good fathers, there is One that is by far the best Father and that is my heavenly Father.  He has loved me unconditionally all through my years even when I know I have disappointed Him.  He is always willing to forgive me when I sin and guide me along the way.  His love is so great that He even sent His son to die for me so that I can live with Him eternally.  Not only will I live with Him, but I will also see my Dad and husband again one day.

     So, Happy Father's Day to these special men in my life and to my heavenly Father.

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